After living the monastic life of silence in a Catholic religious community, I chose to pursue the discipline of clinical psychology for its foundation in human development.

What is necessary suffering in life as we know it and what is ‘ psychological,’ ‘neurotic’ or unnecessary suffering?

These questions have gone on organizing my pursuit of education, training, and the development of my own theory and technique as a healer. I have worked in community mental health, university counseling , inpatient hospitals, independent practice, and I have continuously pursued advanced studies in family, couples, individual, group and most recently psychoanalysis. 

With years of experience now in practice working with young adults, middle adults, and elder adults, I have developed deep sensitivity for the nuances of our emotional experience and the way to work with my multifaceted lens. I tailor my way of listening to and being with you to uncover, untangle, and illumine the meaning of your experience.  My theory is a shapeable tool rather than a prescribed formula.  And I am an active participant working with you.

I have dealt with a range of presenting problems: self esteem, work dissatisfaction, relationship difficulties, grief, chronic anxiety, severe depression, trauma, emptiness, substance abuse, issues with eating and sleeping and intimacy with sex, adult children of drug/alcohol dependent parents, complicated family of origin…  and others. I have special interest and expertise in working with people who have been disappointed by previous efforts to seek help – whether with physicians, other mental health professionals, coaches, or spiritual leaders.

Suffering is inherent in our experience as human beings from start to finish.  When our own most personal experience comes to feel like a predicament we are caught in – feeling helpless, hopeless, powerless, persecuted, empty, doomed, failed, damaged, unlovable, unworthy, no good, no point, indifferent, or any of these states even intermittently – then our suffering serves no purpose and can’t not generate ‘symptoms’ of one kind or another.

I know from my extensive experience that there is critical and specific personal meaning there to be found and I know how to find it when your intention is sincere. Meaning restores freedom to choose love, faith, dignity, responsibility, and gratitude… beginning with the way we see and feel about ourselves and the world.  We don’t design our origins, but we have power over and responsibility for the choices we are making today that will determine our most personal future. 

I am known for being genuinely involved and fiercely committed to connecting with you. This work is my vocation, my purpose, and one of my greatest joys.

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