consultation uncovers true therapy needs, feelingsMeeting for a time or two or three allows us to learn about your world, to see how it feels to work together, and to decide whether and how to proceed.

You have the chance to tell me your story, the experience as you know it, and your reason for seeking a doctor like me.

You also have the opportunity to see what it’s like to be and to think with me.

Your true feelings are your superpower. Uncovering, articulating, clarifying, interpreting, reflecting on, and digesting them together — we have the keys for contemplating the meaning of your current situation as you understand it…and the way to think together about what would best serve you.

Talk Therapy

talk therapy a place to find yourself, calm watersWork in talk therapy — individual, couple, family — is a place for you to tell the truth so that you can think purposefully for yourself and with benefit of a skilled and empathic guide.  

Beyond advice, it’s a place to engage the essential conversations you know you need to have. 

It’s a sacred, potentially life-changing opportunity.

As a healer, I mean to be with you.  Meet you where you are.  Feel things as you feel them, see things as you see them…  and differently.  This is what helps me help you to see and hear yourself more deeply, more honestly, and most usefully.  

When you choose to commit to the work of therapy, you are taking a risk in dedicating yourself to an honest, utterly private, and unique kind of conversation.  The kind of conversation you can only have in the presence of trust and non-judgment with room to see most personal meaning for yourself.

Therapy is not a crutch.  It should be its own kind of scalpel, on one hand, and cushion, on the other. A soft place to count on for serious business.  And a launch pad for the creative, life-giving possibilities you have yet to conceive.

I help you keep tabs on your experience.  Check whether you feel the benefit of our work having impact.  Our process should feel alive for you and for me…

The transformational journey of becoming our true selves and developing the quality of our most personal relationships goes on and on all our lives.  Therapy is meant to galvanize the natural process of learning from your most personal experience.


analysis includes frequent visits, meditation, help along healing journeyAnalysis is an opportunity for depth exploration of one’s most private internal world. It is the most powerful opportunity possible to listen well beyond the personal story you are aware of and into the simplest story of your emotional truth.

Where there is need or desire to know and understand one’s self deeply, meeting more frequently allows us to see your world from where you live it and to make deep sense of the conflict or confusion or mystery within you.

Like the benefits of meditation, analysis helps us cut a path through the unwanted and unneeded thoughts, feelings, energies, and meanings that crowd your mind.

Unlike meditation, you are not alone in the process. I am there on the journey with you to be your experienced guide.

We all have ‘better angels’, quoting our great President Lincoln. And we all have other angels too. Together we have the chance to come to know your most private and true self. The one who knows who they are, what they need and want, what they fear and believe, who they love, and what their most personal purpose is– well beyond historic concerns and relentless doubts.

The point of our work is to get to the deepened sense of security within you where you live feeling alive. The place where you have room for meaningful thought with reflection, where you can see and exercise your choices. The place you know as your own north star.

You have the power to make meaning of your life experience and the superpower to make it a transformational journey.

“Love rests on two pillars: surrender and autonomy.
Our need for togetherness exists alongside our need for separateness.”

-Esther Perel

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