We have the chance to go on deepening the meaning of our lives from start to finish.

Talk therapy ought to be the galvanizing of natural personal process and not a substitute for living the journey.

Putting true feelings and current life experience into words with a competent guide can
relieve, instruct, and activate us in the way that medication can never.

There is a quality of life-defining difference between digesting most personal experience and simply reliving it…

There are emotional things we must do alone and there are emotional things
we cannot accomplish without the trusted connection of another human being.

Dependence on the permission, approval, or incentive of another person is a mirage.

Greatest strength & vulnerability share the same source, the truth of our inner world.

Our beginnings are the raw materials we are given, no more no less.

No one can know better than we are able to know for ourselves.

We are the creators of our future.

Nothing short of knowing true love can set and keep us free.

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