What is good therapy?

Good therapy is therapeutic. But it’s not that simple. Anxiety is the driver of our emotional lives in which we operate on both a conscious and subconscious level. And so, identifying the truth of our emotional lives helps us to determine our way of being in and making sense of the world. We need empathatic and competent guides to face and master challenges. We do this by discovering our fears, our worries, and our motivations in our personal lives, our intimate lives, relationships, and in a professional setting. Otherwise, without this knowledge of self, we are operating at a cross-purpose with ourselves.

We each have most personal challenges that need to be faced and overcome with ‘our own two feet’, regardless of age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic status. Where your personal challenge is failing to be met, frustration breeds. That frustration can become chronic. We find ways to self-medicate, to soothe, to deal, to survive, and to tolerate the challenge at hand – with food, sex, work, exercise, drugs, alcohol, etc. These are compromise solutions. When insufficiently understood, even the people we care most about help us multiply the compromise solutions. These patterns of negative behavior take on hurtful lives, whether or not they feel good or right.

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